Opulent Ambassador Chesterfield Bed

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Opulent Ambassador Chesterfield Bed
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Opulent Ambassador Chesterfield Bed is unique design boasts a Pink Plush (As the picture!) and a beautiful but luxurious design of the classic Upholstered framework around the entire bed with beautiful deep upholstery on the overall bed frame . Stay ahead of the game with our unique design offered from 2019 exclusively. 


  • Large Selection of Fabrics
  • Sleek Fully Covered Chesterfield Design
  • Solid Frame
  • Manufactured in UK
Please note: ottoman featured bed does not come with a floor to place the items on.
Height Width Length
3FT 35" 52" 92"
4FT 35" 63" 92"
4FT6 35" 68" 92"
5FT 35" 79" 96"
6FT 35" 90" 96"


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