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     Introducing our high-quality divan beds, providing drawer storage in an effortless stylish and practical way which is a perfect solution if you are short on space, allowing you to maximize your storage capacity without sacrificing style. Divan bed bases are built with the highest quality materials and crafted to perfection, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for your mattress.

    12 products

    12 products

    What is a divan bed?

    A divan bed is a type of bed frame that consists of a sturdy base extender to floor typically constructed from wood and upholstered in velvet, chenille, boucle, linen fabric with built-in storage drawers, making them practical for bedrooms with limited space or for those who require extra storage.

    Which sizes of divan bed frames are available?

    Single Divan Beds with dimension 120cm x 190cm (47in x 75in) is a perfect choice for compact spaces, children's rooms, or guest bedrooms. Its takes minimal space as its is 3ft wide as the mattress with easy access drawers.

    Small Double Divan Beds with dimension 120cm x 190cm (47in x 75in) slightly wider than single bed which is best choice for teens, young adults even accommodating couples. This 4ft wider bed base with drawer is perfect for cosy arrangements.

    Double Divan Beds with Dimension 135cm x 190cm (54in x 75in) are classic choice for couples and an ideal addition to any bedroom. ideal balance of comfort and storage. Our 4ft 6in standard double divan beds offer flexibility of designs, with different headboards and style to choose from, as well as a massive range of mattresses that compliment them perfectly along with drawer storage option.

    King Size Divan Beds with Dimension 150cm x 200cm (60in x 78in) are Royalty fit to your bedroom which you can
    select from our extensive collection. Our 5ft king size beds provides ample space for couples or individuals who appreciate the luxury of a larger bed along with comfort, style, durability and storage for clutter of your bedroom.

    Super King Size Divan Beds with Dimension 180cm x 200cm (72in x 78in) are an ultimate sleeping experience offering unparalleled space and comfort. 6ft wide super king size beds are super in quality, comfort and size providing you and your partner with all the sleep space you could ever desire in luxury style.

    Helpful Tip: Please ensure ample space around your bed to easily pull out the built-in drawers. For further sizing guidance, refer to our comprehensive bed and mattress size guide.

    What are the various kinds of divan bed bases featuring storage?

    Each divan bed offered on Lorinzer Living provides a selection of storage options,

    Divan beds with 2 drawers’ arrangement is available for single and small double beds. They are a favoured option when you need to place your bed flush against the wall. (Also depend on Model your Choose) 

    Divan bed with 4 drawers’ arrangement is ideal for spacious bedrooms that need extra storage space for bedding, clothing and much more. The double, king, and super king divan bed bases with four drawers, two on each side, ensure easy accessibility.

    Ottoman divan bed to gain full access to the entire bed frame for storage with our user-friendly ottoman divan beds. Choose from a variety of opening options, including end and side openings, tailored to fit your space perfectly.

    What colour and Fabric upholstery available for Divan Beds?

    Our divan beds offer a rich palette of fabric options to suit your style preferences. Choose from luxurious Naple velvet, lustrous crushed velvet, plush Chenille, timeless Linen, a blend of Linoso/Wool for durability and comfort, sumptuous Plush Suede, and textured Boucle-teddy fabric. These fabrics come in a range of sophisticated hues that seamlessly blend with your bedroom décor. Whether you prefer the crisp elegance of white, the versatile sophistication of grey, the warmth of cream, or the tranquil charm of blue, our divan beds provide the perfect canvas for creating a harmonious and inviting sleeping space.

    With our diverse range of colors and fabrics, you can customize your divan bed to reflect your personal style and create the perfect haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

    For a comprehensive look at our entire range of fabrics and colors, we invite you to explore our complimentary Free Fabric Sample Catalogue.

    What is the better choice: a divan bed frame or an ottoman?

    Choosing between a divan bed frame and an ottoman bed frame depends on your specific needs and preferences.

    When deciding between a divan bed frame and an ottoman, it's essential to weigh their distinct features against your specific needs. Divan bed frames offer built-in storage drawers, providing convenient space for bedding and clothing while maintaining accessibility. hey often promise comfort with various mattress options. In contrast, ottoman bed frames boast maximum storage capacity beneath the entire bed base, accessible by lifting the mattress with a hydraulic mechanism. Ottomans lend a modern aesthetic to bedrooms, concealing storage entirely.

    Consider factors such as available space, storage requirements, budget, and aesthetic preferences to determine which option best suits your needs. Whether prioritizing convenience or maximizing storage, both choices offer distinct advantages tailored to individual preferences.