Normandy Chesterfield Sleigh Bed Frame lorinzer living

Normandy Chesterfield Sleigh Bed Frame lorinzer living
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 | Height | Width | Length
3FT | 114.3 cm | 102 cm | 219 cm
4FT | 114.3 cm | 131 cm | 225 cm
4FT6 | 114.3 cm | 144 cm | 225 cm
5FT | 114.3 cm | 162 cm | 235 cm
6FT | 114.3 cm | 192 cm |  235 cm
This sturdy bed in Black Plush offers a high-end contemporary look. This piece boasts a unique and distinctive design given the deep button back imprint on the headboard. In addition to this, our soft, fabric bed displays a grooved headboard and footboard. The aesthetics on this bed are perfect for creating a chic and gorgeous appearance to any bedroom. Excellent manufacture ensures the quality of this product.
Note: If you select the ottoman gas lift mechanism, please be aware that the bed does not come with a floor to place the items on, it shall be a hollow space underneath the mattress. Hence why we recommend you order the bed with the smaller feet/legs.

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