Zegna Park Lane Cream Chesterfield Bed

Zegna Park Lane Cream Chesterfield Bed

Zegna Park Lane Cream Chesterfield Bed is unique design boasts a Cream Naple fabric (As the picture!) and a beautiful but luxurious design of the classic Upholstered framework around the entire bed with beautiful deep upholstery on the overall bed frame . Stay ahead of the game with our unique design offered from 2022 exclusively. 
  • Large Selection of Fabrics
  • Sleek Fully Covered Chesterfield Design
  • Solid Frame
  • Manufactured in UK
Please note: ottoman featured bed does not come with a floor to place the items on.

Any custom requests? Ask us, we can accommodate most custom requests.
All our beds are hand made to order in house by our master upholsterers.

Please be a responsible buyer and avoid waste, size and measure the property access before ordering.

For dimensions and sizing please refer to the diagram below:

            Height | Width | Length
3FT      | 35"     | 52"     | 92"
4FT      | 35"     | 63"     | 92"
4FT6    | 35"     | 68"     | 92"
5FT      | 35"     | 79"     | 96"
6FT      | 35"     | 90"     | 96" 

 If ordered with Ottoman Gas Lift Storage:

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