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A recent survey we carried out discovered that over half of us admit to snacking in bed and almost one in ten (9%) adults even go as far as eating their lunch and dinner between the sheets.

With so many of us bringing food up the stairs we have put together some tips for keeping your bed and mattress clean and bacteria free.


Deodorise your mattress by sprinkling baking soda over the surface and leaving it to absorb for several hours. Once it has fully absorbed, vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda.

Banish the dust mites

The easiest way to tackle dust lurking deep within your mattress is to use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner. Press the vacuum firmly and go over the top and both sides of the mattress. Then use the crevice tool to get into the quilting and grooves on your mattress. Aim to do this once a month.

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Air your mattress

If possible air your mattress every two to three months to prevent the buildup of moisture that can lead to mould. Airing your mattress in a sunny spot will also banish any lingering odours.

Get rid of stains

The easiest way to remove stains on your mattress is to spray a citrus cleanser or diluted dish detergent onto the mattress, leave for five to ten minutes and then wash away. Remember to not apply too much water to avoid the mattress foaming up.

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Use a mattress protector

Add a mattress protector to your bed to protect yourself from allergens and irritants such as dust mites and dead skin cells.

Wash your bedding on a high heat

Washing your bedding on a 40 degree heat once a week will keep your sheets fresh and clean, but by washing at 60 degrees every other wash will kill more bacteria and germs.

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