Tips For Couples To Sleep In Peace


Partners in life occasionally need their space. It’s important for the health of the relationship that we individually take time to address our own personal needs – especially when it comes to sleep.

Whether together for many years or just a few weeks, spending time together is very important for the health of the relationship. I would argue, however, don’t mess with my sleep or else!

Cuddlers and snugglers, spooners and holders hopefully can meet their match otherwise, one of them will not be too pleased!

The Snugglers

If you’ve always snuggled with a stuffed bear right into your college days, there will be a good chance that you enjoy the closeness that cuddling and spooning bring. It is important to have that conversation early in the relationship to avoid any issues. Disrupted sleep over time can bring out the bear in anyone!

The Sheet Hogger

If you or your significant other keeps grabbing the lion’s share of the sheets, there are two options to consider and have everyone singing “Hakuna Matata” in no time! Adjustable beds can resolve many issues for couples where they would each have their own set of sheets and still remain close! If that is not a viable solution, purchasing a king-sized comforter for a queen or double bed may seem excessive but no one will be left out in the cold!

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The Starfish Sleeper

If you have a partner who is a mattress real estate snatcher leaving you on the edge of a cliff night after night, it’s time to consider a larger bed. King size beds will offer enough space for two people, and a pet, to sleep comfortably and undisturbed. This type of sleeper will usually take all the space they have available, so if possible, having separate bedrooms is an option!

The Snorer

If there is a deep sleeper and snorer coupled with a light sleeper, I’m sorry to hear that! Kidding aside, solutions include playing white noise, wearing earplugs, or, what seems to be a real trend, sleeping in different rooms. Studies show that couples can still retain intimacy and build a strong relationship while choosing to sleep in separate rooms. Some even find it very civilized!

You’re Sub-Zero and They’re Tropical

Bedroom temperatures have started more arguments than when choosing pizza toppings! Experts recommend that the best sleeping temperatures be around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) but that may be a bit too chilly for some. To avoid overheating or chills, partners need to meet halfway. Keeping the sheets to a crisp cotton rather than microfibre or fleece is a better choice as you can add layers to suit your needs. Those who prefer tropical temps, can wear cozy socks and flannel sleepwear with an extra blanket on their side of the bed. It’s much easier to add to your comfort needs than to take away.

Besides sleeping in separate rooms which is becoming a veritable option these days, partners can easily find creative ways to stay close while keeping their personal sleep preferences intact.

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