The Evolution Of Bedrooms

A space traditionally dedicated to sleep and sleep alone, there's no denying the role of the bedroom has evolved over the years. Of course, all the basics have remained the same - you'll find a comfortable bed, duvet and plenty of pillows in bedrooms across the UK - but what goes on inside the space has, undoubtedly, changed.

Today, a bedroom isn't simply a place to rest your head. Homeowners everywhere are finding the need for a larger, more flexible space that's able to host a whole range of activities. In 2018, bedrooms are now social spaces, places to get lost in a great movie and even areas where morning workout routines happen.

Young loving couple in the bed

A space to escape

Bedrooms have always had a sense of escapism about them - it's where dreams are made after all. But it seems more of us than ever before are turning to our bedrooms whenever we need to take a break from the outside world.

In fact, according to our recent survey, one in five Brits would choose to find peace and quiet in their bedrooms rather than relax in their own lounge. The most popular bedroom activity? Reading a great book, followed shortly by listening to music or a podcast. With no disruptions, 20% feel that the bedroom is the ideal spot to catch up with their favourite crime podcast, rock out to a band's new album or unwind with soothing piano tracks.

Many turn to exercise to de-stress too, and it seems loads of people workout in their own bedrooms. A substitute gym, HIIT regimes, yoga and even meditation can all take place within the modern bedroom.

Room to chill

Would you watch TV in bed? From binge watching an entire series on Netflix to streaming the latest films from NowTV, bedrooms are now a place for entertainment. Put your feet up, tuck yourself in under the covers and get ready to laugh and cry.

It seems watching some form of film or TV in bed is a habit those of a younger generation have adopted more enthusiastically than those 55 and over. A staggering 85% of 18-34 year olds said they love watching anything from romantic comedies to cutting-edge dramas in bed, while only 44% of over 55s prefer to chill out with the next episode of The Sinner or Stranger Things on their mattress instead of their sofa.

Time to socialise

While primarily a private place, bedrooms have suddenly transformed into social spaces thanks to new technology. It's where the most social media scrolling usually takes place, and with the many messaging platforms available with just one tap it's also where most of us chat to our mates the most too.

FaceTime and other video calling services like Skype take regular phone calls to a whole new level. 21% head to the bedroom to take a call, and with video services speaking face to face is so easy even at a distance.

Whether you only use your bedroom to catch some Zs or think of it as a space with multiple uses, ensuring you've got an amazing bed is a must. Don't forget to browse the range available at Time4Sleep, from luxurious ottoman beds to handy guest beds, we've got whatever you could ever need for a fantastic night's sleep

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