How to Makeover your bed to fall in love with it all over again.

How to Makeover your bed to fall in love with it all over again.

We’ve all done it before, daydreamed longingly about the warm, soft, enveloping embrace of our bed.

If you feel like you and your bed have drifted apart recently, it’s time to mix things up in the bedroom.

Here are a few simple ideas for making over your bed and regaining that spark.

Change your bed’s headboard

If you’re tired of the way your bed looks but don’t want to invest in a full new frame, changing your headboard is an inexpensive way of completely changing its aesthetics.

Whether you’re looking for a bold upholstered headboard, or a more minimal metal or wooden one, here at M6 Beds our team can help you to choose the perfect style.

Change your mattress or add a topper

If you’re more concerned about comfort than aesthetics it could be your bed’s mattress that’s letting you down. Get rid of an old or uncomfortable mattress and invest in a brand new one that suits your requirements for luxurious comfort.

Mattresses come in all different shapes, sizes and materials these days including open coil, pocket spring, natural filling, memory foam and medical grade foam. Choosing the right type of mattress for you will make a significant difference to your comfort and quality of sleep.

If you can’t afford a new mattress at the moment, then an inexpensive mattress topper could provide you with some added comfort in the meantime.

Invest in new bedding

New bedding can have a positive impact on both your comfort and your bed’s visual appeal. Select bedding made from high quality materials in a design that complements your bedroom’s décor. Bed sheets made from natural materials like Egyptian cotton, bamboo and silk tend to be more breathable and cooling than manmade materials and softer, smoother and more luxurious against the skin.


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