Colorado Silver Chenille Winged Bed

Colorado Silver Chenille Winged Bed

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Colorado Silver Chenille Winged Bed is the latest variation to the Classic or Butterfly Wingback beds we offer. This unique design boasts a Silver Chenille Fabric (As the picture!) and a beautiful but luxurious design of the classic wingback bed. Stay ahead of the game with our unique design offered from 2019 exclusively. The Colorado Winged Bed packs a 54″ tall headboard with stunning Diamond or Fabric buttons to finish.
Why not purchase the matching ottoman blanket box delivered with the same button styling as your bed. 
  • High-quality Chesterfield Upholstered Bed
  • Large Selection of Fabrics
  • Matching Button Detailing (Optional extra)
  • Sleek Sleigh Design
  • Solid Frame
  • Manufactured in UK
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